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Welcome to Broadwriting, home of Brenda's fic!!

All content, except where noted, was written solely by Brenda. All graphics, except where noted, were created by Jo at Faded Icons.

I'm also over on Live Journal - Broadwriting.

A quick overview of the content on the website (i.e., what I like to write about):

Black Hawk Down - One of the best war movies ever made. With a lot of hot men in the cast, which means that, naturally, I have to write about it. Both actor and character-based fic, including gen and het.

CW RP - Actor-based fic, including gen and het, from various shows on the CW or the former WB. (Yes, that means Chad Michael Murray and Christian Kane).

Damon/Affleck - Original OTP represent, man. I don't think I need to say anything else.

King Arthur - Put seven incredibly hot men in a film based on 'true' events, and stir. Both actor and character-based (but mostly character) fic, including het and gen.

LOTR FP - Character-only based Lord of the Rings fic, including het and gen. Book and movie canon.

Lotrips - My first fandom, my one true love. Then again, with this cast, who could blame me? Home to all of my actor-based Lord of the Rings fic, including het and gen.

NFL RPS - Once upon a time, at a Superbowl far, far away, two starting quarterbacks made a bet. This is their story. Only it's all made up. This series also includes other hot NFL football players and their relationships with other equally hot football players.

Other Fics - Pretty much the catch-all place for any fic not in the above categories (i.e., I haven't written enough in those fandoms to warrant a separate page for them). Here you'll find Boondock Saints, Harry Potter, and Troy (to name a few) and other assorted fic, including het and gen.

Star Trek FP - Character based fic, mostly AOS, featuring gen and het and slash.

Star Trek RP - Actor-fic, based on the 2009 film and its sequels, featuring gen and het and slash.

Supernatural - Character-only based fic, mostly het and gen.

X-Men - Character and actor fic based on the X-Men movies, with a little comic canon thrown in for good measure.

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