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3:10 To Yuma

Fics Pairing(s) Rating
Lost & Found
Dan and Ben find a way to pass the time.
Ben Wade/Dan Evans NC-17
Prince of Darkness
Warriors aren't made; they're forged.
Ben Wade, Charlie Prince R

Actor RP

Fics Pairing(s) Rating
Never make bets.
Jake Gyllenhaal/Josh Hartnett (Joaquin Phoenix) PG-13
All Things Irish
Halle's a lucky girl.
Adrien Brody/Colin Farrell PG
Jensen's a tasty morsel. Colin & Gerard are greedy like that.
Sequel to Scottish Wooing.
Colin Farrell/Gerard Butler/Jensen Ackles PG-13
Love and sex don't mix.
Ewan McGregor/Jude Law PG
Fair Play
Joaquin isn't easy.
Joaquin Phoenix/Josh Hartnett PG-13
Working together.
Heath Ledger/Jake Gyllenhaal PG
Idea Man
Jake has a theory on everything.
Jake Gyllenhaal/Jared Leto R
Tom watches.
Ken Watanabe/Tom Cruise PG
They're not about permission.
Angelina Jolie/Jeri Ryan R
New Leaf
It was a boring party until Joaquin showed up.
Jake Gyllenhaal/Joaquin Phoenix PG-13
Perfect Arrangement
Sometimes things work out as they're meant to.
Jason Statham/Seth Green PG-13
Josh has to work for what he wants.
Part of the No Rules Universe
Jake Gyllenhaal/Josh Hartnett R
Puppy Love
Josh loves his gift.
Part of the No Rules Universe
Jake Gyllenhaal/Josh Hartnett G
Scottish Wooing
Colin & Gerard meet up at one of the after-parties at the Golden Globes.
Colin Farrell/Gerard Butler R


Fics Pairing(s) Rating
The fine art of deal-making.
Deacon Frost/Scud R
Winning is everything.
Blade/Deacon Frost R

Boondock Saints

Fics Pairing(s) Rating
Higher Calling
Murphy knows who he is.
Connor MacManus/Murphy MacManue R
No Comparison
Connor's the best Murphy's ever had.
Connor MacManus/Murphy MacManue R
Worlds Colliding
So, a Winchester walks into a bar...
Boondock Saints/Supernatural Crossover
Dean Winchester/Murphy MacManus PG

Bull Durham

Fics Pairing(s) Rating
Beautiful Disaster
Free lessons that cost everything.
Crash Davis/Nuke LaLoosh PG-13


Fics Pairing(s) Rating
Time Stops
Wherein there's not much conversation, but that's not why Lucifer's there.
John Constantine/Lucifer PG-13

DC 'Verse

Fics Pairing(s) Rating
Worlds Apart
Clark thinks there might be more to the billionaire playboy than meets the eye.
Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent PG-13


Fics Pairing(s) Rating
He A Tiger Will Be Who Drinks Of Me
The line between myth and truth is nebulous at best, and twice as treacherous. It helps to have a center. For Samantha, it's always been John.
John Grimm/Samantha Grimm R

Duran Duran

Fics Pairing(s) Rating
Insomnia's a bitch.
Simon Le Bon/Warren Cuccurullo NC-17
Andy is punished.
Andy Taylor/Simon Le Bon PG-13
Suddenly Solo
Alone at last.
Sequel to Orgasmatron
Simon Le Bon/Warren Cuccurullo NC-17

The Eagle

Fics Pairing(s) Rating
I Get By (With A Little Help From My Friends)
Channing's a lucky bastard, but even lucky bastards need help sometimes.
Channing Tatum/Jamie Bell
(Channing/Jenna Dewan)
(Channing/Joseph Gordon-Levitt)


Fics Pairing(s) Rating
What Happens In Vegas
It's not quite like waking up gay for your best friend, but it's pretty goddamned close.
Drama, Eric, Turtle, Vince, Ari R

Greek Mythology/Troy

Fics Pairing(s) Rating
Casual Conversation
Orlando has a question.
Eric Bana/Orlando Bloom PG-13
Comrades In Arms
Hector is weary of battle.
Achilles/Hector PG
Make it fast.
Eric Bana/Orlando Bloom PG-13
A Man Like Smoke
Hold me not back, therefore, in the love you bear me, for you shall not move me.
Achilles/Hector/Patroclus PG-13
It's tricky finding a few moments alone in a crowd of people.
Eric Bana/Orlando Bloom/Sean Bean PG-13
Sex Tsunami (Or, How Apollo Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Force Of Nature That Is Ares)
Apollo is used to Ares ruining his good time. Luckily, he has a way of making up for it.
Slice Of Life
Misspent youth.
Eric Bana/Orlando Bloom/Sean Bean PG

Harry Potter

Fics Pairing(s) Rating
Severus is hungry.
Lucius Malfoy/Severus Snape NC-17
The calm before the storm.
Remus Lupin/Sirius Black PG

Hawaii 5-0

Fics Pairing(s) Rating
Making Amends
Danny crashes at Chin's for the night. Coda fic for "Ka Iwi Kapu".
Chin Ho Kelly/Danny Williams PG-13


Fics Pairing(s) Rating
A Good Offense Is The Best Defense
If I wanted you on your back moaning my name, I certainly wouldn't do it here. No romance at all in this place.
Ariadne/Eames PG
Wake Up Call
Wherein Tom is a cruel bastard, but at least there's the promise of coffee.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Tom Hardy PG

In Death

Fics Pairing(s) Rating
The Kindness of Silence
Leo has a late night visitor.
Spoilers for the end of 'Strangers in Death'
Benedict Forrest/Leopold Walsh PG


Fics Pairing(s) Rating
Private Punishment
Punishment's something Swoff should be used to.
Escobar/Swofford NC-17

Master & Commander

Fics Pairing(s) Rating
Jam Session
Russell likes to play.
Billy Boyd/Russell Crowe PG
Stephen's not jealous.
Jack Aubrey/Stephen Maturin G

Midnight Cowboy

Fics Pairing(s) Rating
Dreams Of Sunshine
Plans made in the dark.
Joe Buck/Rico 'Ratso' Rizzo R

The Mummy

Fics Pairing(s) Rating
The difference between acting and truth.
John Hannah/Oded Fehr
(Ardeth Bey/Jonathan Carnahan)

Ocean's 11

Fics Pairing(s) Rating
Second Act
200 words of bickering as foreplay.
Danny Ocean/Rusty Ryan PG-13

Romulus, My Father

Fics Pairing(s) Rating
Marton is unlike anyone Eric's ever known.
Eric Bana/Marton Csokas NC-17


Fics Pairing(s) Rating
It's just not right.
Seabiscuit/War Admiral PG

Stage Beauty

Fics Pairing(s) Rating
Ned has a one-track mind.
George Villiers/Ned Kynaston PG-13


Fics Pairing(s) Rating
Customer Service
John's in need of some information.
Supernatural/Torchwood Crossover
Ianto Jones/John Winchester NC-17

Velvet Goldmine

Fics Pairing(s) Rating
When magic dies.
Brian Slade/Curt Wild PG


Fics Pairing(s) Rating
Fox & Gunsmith spar.
Fox/Gunsmith PG-13


Fics Pairing(s) Rating
The Lost Language of Forgiveness
Five months after Sparta, Brendan and Tommy slowly learn how to be brothers again.
Brendan Conlon, Tommy Conlon
(Paddy Conlon, Tess Conlon)


Fics Pairing(s) Rating
Xena's been a naughty girl.
Julius Caesar/Xena R
Cute couples.
Jay Laga'aia/Lucy Lawless G