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Star Trek RP

Fics Pairing Rating
Birds Of Prey
Orlando's curious about Karl's new co-star.
Karl Urban/Orlando Bloom
(Chris Pine)
Elementary, My Dear Watson
Karl's way too old to be anyone's sidekick, but Chris isn't one to let logic get in the way of his plans.
Chris Pine/Karl Urban
(Anton Yelchin)
The Golden Rule
Never trust your co-stars, especially ones named Chris Pine. And always follow the rules. Because the rules are good. Seriously.
Chris Hemsworth/Karl Urban
(Anton Yelchin/Bruce Greenwood)
The Hazards of Babysitting
Chris is MIA after a night of pub crawling.
Chris Pine/Karl Urban PG-13
Hello Again
It's been six long years, but neither Karl nor Chris has forgotten anything. AU
Chris Pine/Karl Urban
(Simon Pegg)