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Fics Pairing Rating
All Men Are Prophets
Where there's movement, there's hope. And one thing John Winchester knows how to do is put one foot in front of the other.
John Winchester PG-13
Breviarium Regularum
Sam has a last request.
Dean and Sam Winchester PG-13
What a typical conversation sounds like.
Dean and Sam Winchester PG-13
Customer Service
John's in need of some information.
Supernatural/Torchwood Crossover
Ianto Jones/John Winchester NC-17
A Different Shade Of Normal
A not-so-typical breakfast at Chez Winchester.
Dean, John and Sam Winchester PG
Family Business
Four times the Winchesters changed the world.
Dean and Sam Winchester (sort of) PG
The Ghost In You
You lose track over the years, decades, of how often you feel him...
Dean and Sam Winchester PG
What's a nice guy like you doing in a dive like this? Pre-series.
Supernatural/Lucky Number Slevin Crossover
Dean Winchester/Slevin Kelevra NC-17
Left Field
An unexpected birthday gift.
Jessica Moore/Sam Winchester PG
Let Us Not Talk Falsely (The Hour's Getting Late)
If Ellen could, she'd give Dean an unbroken world, and herself, undamaged. But wishing is for the weak, and Ellen's never been weak.
Dean Winchester/Ellen Harvelle
(Castiel/Dean Winchester)
The Memory Remains
He may be trapped, but he's been in worse fixes than this.
Dean, John and Sam Winchester PG-13
Nihil Sine Deo
Dean has a few questions.
Dean and John Winchester PG
They make it easy.
Dean Winchester/Girls PG-13
Through A Glass Darkly
When all else fails, fall back on what you know.
Takes place right after "Everyone Loves A Clown".
Supernatural/The Crow Crossover
Dean and Sam Winchester, Eric Draven PG-13
Twilight's Parasites
Outrunning ghosts.
Dean Winchester/Ellen Harvelle R
Sam can't resist.
Dean and Sam Winchester PG-13
Wherever You Go, There You Are (And Other Lies About Roadtrips)
Are we there yet?
Dean, John and Sam Winchester PG-13
Worlds Colliding
So, a Winchester walks into a bar...
Supernatural/Boondock Saints Crossover
Dean Winchester/Murphy MacManus PG
You Gotta Go There To Come Back
Moments of normal.
Dean and Sam Winchester PG