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Fics Pairing Rating
Logan comes back.
Sequel to Comfort
Logan/Scott Summers PG
No, Scott wasn't perfect. But he was still hers.
Jean Grey/Scott Summers
Logan can't sleep.
Logan/Scott Summers PG
The difference between sin and shame.
Kurt Wagner/Ororo Munroe PG
Fair Warning
In which Michael learns it's never wise to lie to Keira, and can't keep secrets from James to save his life.
James McAvoy/Michael Fassbender
(Keira Knightley)
The Future Is A Faded Song
After a year apart from Charles, Erik comes back to Xavier mansion to find that the more things have changed, the more some things are still the same. (Post-XMFC)
Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr PG
Gods Among Men
One day, the world will tremble and kneel before us. One day, you won't need to hide who you truly are.
Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr R
The thrill of getting caught.
Famke Janssen/Karl Urban NC-17
Nowhere Man
He wants to crawl inside Charles' skin, crawl inside that terrifying mind, and stay until he's the only thing that Charles knows, the only thing Charles feels.
Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr R
Opening Gambit
Erik and Charles are opposites in every way. So why is Erik so fascinated?
Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr PG
Third Verse (Same As The First)
James is an addiction that Hugh can't break.
Hugh Jackman/James Marsen PG-13
Unorthodox Methods Of Persuasion
Getting kissed so thoroughly that oxygen was an afterthought did tend to scramble brain cells in the best of men, and Michael had never claimed to be all that altruistic.
Sequel to Unorthodox Methods Of Seduction
James McAvoy/Michael Fassbender NC-17
Unorthodox Methods Of Seduction
"Was all this just an excuse to trick me into going to bed with you so you could judge for yourself what sort of lover I am?"
James McAvoy/Michael Fassbender PG-13